Bonez are the native asset of the Block Bonez Ecosystem

Bonez is a deflationary asset that will be used to purchase Trait NFTs to be fused with your Bare Bonez NFT! The deep integration means that BNZ is also required to interact with the Block Bonez dApp and make the most of your Journey.

*The majority of Traits will be sold in FLR but will be much more common.

Great news for Block Bonez holders - 62.5% of the BNZ Token will be distributed back to the community, with 50% of that being airdopped and claimable every single block!

Of what's left, the majority will be used as a catalyst to fuel the growth of the community via competitions whilst also acting as a war chest to be deployed with the aim of fostering collaboartions, increasing liquidity, bolstering project wallets and partnerships with other prominent builders in the space.

🔥 Block Bonez - Burn 2 Earn! 💰

One unique and long-term utility for BNZ is the ability to "Burn 2 Earn" a share of the "Urn" wallet at the end of the FlareDrop period. The Urn wallet only increases until then via Trait Store sales, royalty share and various other sources. Once enabled, BNZ will be burnt in order to redeem for a share of this Urn wallet, proportional to the amount of BNZ destroyed!

The Urn currently holds a 6 figure ($) sum, all of which will be claimable by holders of BNZ!

BNZ Crematorium Contract - Responsible for burning BNZ out of existence and an ever increasing rate, creating a persistant deflationary pressure. View the open-source contract here.

BNZ Burnt are sourced from Trait Sales and Royalties from secondary sales!